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“Artificial Intelligence n. the theory and development of computer systems able to perform tasks that normally require human intelligence, such as visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making, and translation between languages.”

-Oxford Languages

Talking robots and facial recognitions are some of the things driven by artificial intelligence. At first, we may think this is amazing, but when used wrongly, it is more terrifying than amazing. In some cities, facial recognition is used to identify criminals that might be walking along the streets. However, this is being done without the consent of civilians passing by and some are interviewed because they are…

E-commerce platforms feed on our search history to provide us the most relevant recommendations. Last week, I went crazy about Detail Cosmetics’ new Powder Pout collection and Colourette’s new Easy Matte collection; This week, I realized I needed new clothes for when I get back to work in the office, so I searched for what I wanted in Lazada and now my ‘Just For You’ page looks like this:

I remember searching for an oversized polo that gives a K-style vibe, now it shows me a Korean Off Shoulder Chiffon Top and I think I like to have one.


As a Data Scientist, 80% of your time is dedicated for data preparation or data management and the rest is for the actual analysis and insights,” that is what I have always heard ever since I decided to pursue Data Science. This is important because you have to know your data well in order to provide meaningful analysis.

For starters, data preparation is the process of cleaning raw data to ensure that it is of its best quality before analysis.

Examples of poor data quality include (but do not limit to):

  • Having rows with null values,
  • Having data points written…

I created a Trivia Quiz using Python! You can access it here to find out if you can have a perfect score or if you just want to check out my code.

Quick overview:

Once you run the code, this is what you will see:

This will let you input your name. Once you do, you will be asked to choose if you want to start or to quit. Once you choose to start, the first question will appear. You will get two points for every correct answer you get.

In this article, we will discuss some factors that affect insurance charges through graphs created using Python.

for more information, I uploaded my code here.

Pearson’s Correlation Coefficient

.00-.19 “very weak”

.20-.39 “weak”

.40-.59 “moderate”

.60-.79 “strong”

.80–1.0 “very strong”

Correlation Matrix of Numerical Variables

There is a weak positive correlation between age and charges as well as BMI and charges.


Jupyter notebook was the first one to be introduced in our basic Python lessons and what I loved most about it is how neat you can make it look through the collapse option when using text cells.

Instead of seeing multiple cells of code like the one on the left, you can choose to expand only those you want to see and collapse those you don’t need. Also, if you look closely at the right side of the Code cell, there are arrows pointing up and down which allows you to move cells depending on your needs. There are also…

Programming is Finally Making Sense to Me

I once took an undergraduate programming course where Python was introduced to us. When I graduated, even if I can barely remember anything from that course, I included Python in my résumé to attract more employers. I remember being in a job interview when I was asked about the things I know in Python and all I could say was I learned how to assign values to variables, perform arithmetic, and create if else loops. …

I have always hated programming. Ever since my first encounter with a computer code in high school, I knew this was something I wouldn’t pursue in the future. I even graduated college barely passing my two programming courses. However, when I was searching for available jobs for BS Mathematics graduates, most of the jobs I wanted required some programming knowledge. Of course I still tried applying because I thought maybe it’s okay since I possessed some of the skill requirements (which are mostly soft skills), but when interviews came, I would shrink into self-consciousness because deep down, I knew I…

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